CANN Media Group is a business-to-business integrated media company that collects critical data on the cannabis industry. We convert this data to meaningful information that is utilized by individuals to operate more efficient and profitable businesses. We communicate with the industry in print, in person and online.

Horticultural & Growing


It all begins with a seed. With generations of passed-on experience, growers have honed their skills to achieve optimal growth in a variety of environmental conditions. From seed to shelf, we cover all aspects of the growing & horticulture sector. {Soil, Fertilizers, Timers, Hygrometers, Lighting, Green Houses, Pots, Tools & Machinery}

Cannabinoid Products


In the hand-off from nature to humanity, so many wonderful products have been created from the cannabis plant. Both components are extremely useful compounds with a variety of useful applications. It is our mission to communicate to our readers ongoing developments in both medicinal and recreational cannabis, and to support everyone from the scientist to the chef. {Edibles, E-liquids, Drinks, Teas, Oils, Ointments}

Hard Goods


Retail products & hard goods account for an increasing percentage of revenue in the cannabis industry. Cannabis Business pays close attention to the innovators and segment leaders who drive this market forward. From the artist to the architect, Cannabis Business is highly engaged with this sector of the market. {Vape, Pipes, Apparel, Cases, Papers, Tools, Hardware, Furniture}

Professional Services


What’s a business in the United States without lawyers? We won’t answer that. Let’s just say that there are many other dynamic components to the cannabis industry than just the plants and pipes. From marketing and technology services to merchandising and accounting, Cannabis Business stays on beat with everything going on within our ecosystem. {Attorneys, Marketing, Accounting, Merchandising, Technology}